At the young age of 25, Evan-Nicole Williams has now built both a name and brand for herself. She is the owner of The Guru Shoppe located in Atlanta, GA and also the daughter of celebrity and award winning hairstylist, Sherita Cherry. Following in her mother's footsteps, she has become an influential source in the social media community and also has started her brand as “The Hair Guruuu". With over 150,000 people following her life and hair tips via Instagram, Facebook & Snapchat, she has strived to make sure that she can help others who are interested in the beauty industry to perfect their craft as well. In addition to her business life, she is a complete socialite! She loves to hang with friends, travel, and enjoys going to the dog park with her dog, Denim.  She founded The Guru Shoppe, her online store, in June 2015. She began selling products, hair tools, and even her first, very own DVD. She takes pride in being able to teach others her techniques and also inspire them to pursue their dreams while taking on any challenges that may come their way. This young entrepreneur is determined to make a difference and inspire those who are willing to learn.