(E-Book) The Guru Game Plan Journal: A Mogul's Manifestation

(E-Book) The Guru Game Plan Journal: A Mogul's Manifestation


Disclaimer: This is an instant downloadable version of The Guru Game Plan Journal. If you would like the hard copy, please purchase the Journal instead.


"A life you truly desire is only a leap away from fear." Once you tap into your power, there is NOTHING you can not accomplish! If you are looking to change your mindset, this 90 day journal will be your guide to creating the life you desire in every aspect! Every day will be a new day and every chapter will open a door to make your visions a reality. Join Evan-Nicole as she teaches you step by step her methods to manifesting the desires of your heart. This personalized journal teaches you how to:


  • Find and tap into your divine PURPOSE.
  • Maintain a Positive mindset despite all obstacles.
  • Forgive when it's hard to forget.
  • Create Daily affirmatations.
  • Leap from Fear to FAITH.
  • Execute great Budgeting and Saving Skills.
  • Safely enter the road to Entreprenuership.
  • Manifest the desires of YOUR heart in 90 DAYS or less.

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